Mon Sep 09 2019
Turbonegro's HVH makes his #HamOnt debut. New record too. Tour-mates are Ex-Speedwolf death-punkers Overdose, plus opening is Hamilton's Flesh Rag. Spinning records before/between/after the bands is "Pontiac Lou" Molinaro.

Tickets At Bruha
$25.00 +SC
8:00 PM
AA / Licensed
(Casbah Main Hall)

external link

The Casbah presents

Hank Von Hell
Monday September 9
with guests Overdose (Ex-Speedwolf) + local guest tba
Tickets available via Brüha on beginning on August 14th (10am)

It’s time.

Eight years have passed since the world of Punk Rock lost one of their greatest. The legendary frontman of Turbonegro, Hank Von Hell, left the scene and stated that he would never come back again. Fans all over the world have craved a return, begged him to reconsider. But Hank have firmly said “No”. Until now.

Like the rise of a Phoenix, Hank Von Hell rises from the ashes and is once again re-born as Hank Von Hell.


Just because Overdose are keeping old-school metal alive doesn’t mean they’re here to rehash the past. Sure, the New York street metal quartet — featuring current and former members of Mutilation Rites and Speedwolf — wear the influences of bands like Motörhead, Venom, Thin Lizzy, and Rose Tattoo on their studded-leather sleeves. At the same time, the bands toxic guitar tone and bestial snarls wouldn’t exist without the influences of thrash, sludge, and black metal These dudes are making the kind of music you hear in your head when you think of kickass metal, and they’re doing it right fucking now, in 2019.