Fri Feb 21 2020
KEIRE vs COCO, DJ Rumble (In the Lounge)
3 Lads spinning records for kicks. Keire, Coco & DJ StoryOfEverest (aka On the Crab). Indie rock, soul, funk, old skool rap music. Free.

No Cover
No Cover
10:00 PM
(Casbah Lounge)

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🚨big news. Cohen and myself, often found pushing buttons and turning knobs at threshold, are going to get out of the studio and spin some records for a change. Rumble at the casbah lounge. Who will be the champ…no one knows. What I do know is that it will be a pretty ok time…probably a kinda average night that you can’t miss!!! Most importantly our pal @storyofeverest will also be a DJ so set your expectations a little higher! This event is Something so special that only a nuanced mastermind like @the_dill could produce a poster for! Be there or be 🔲🚨

“DJing” from 10pm-2pm!