Tue Aug 20 2019
Toronto eclectic/alt-pop artist Owen Hooper makes his Casbah debut, passing by after a performance at Elora's Riverfest. Special guests To Be Announced. For fans of Rich Aucoin, Deerhunter, Adrian Underhill.

Tickets At Door
$10.00 +SC
8:00 PM
AA / Licensed
(Casbah Main Hall)

Mouth Breather is the moniker of 23 yr-old Toronto based eclectic/alt-pop artist Owen Hooper. He’s on the internet all the time and totally up to date with culture i.e. which Soundcloud rapper just got a face tattoo. He also suffers from a sense of alienation and anxiety about what life is like, given how much of the world is taking place online. As a result, his songs are all believable and they tell stories, although they’re not at all what you would expect from regular “pop” music. There’s something sort of “uncanny valley” about his music, because Mouth Breather isn’t really sure what is real and what is fabricated reality. Enjoy :/
*Mouth Breather keeps his site updated with the latest release linked on the first page