Wed Dec 13 2017
Special guests U.K. Cinema + DJ No, My Son Is Also Named Bort

Tickets At Bruha
$8.00 +SC
9:00 PM
AA / Licensed
(Casbah Main Hall)

9pm, LIC-AA.

Nyssa is the producer and performer of her own sequin-encrusted beats, powerhouse vocals, and picaresque persona. Raised on the glitz and glam of yesteryear, Nyssa flips the script on masculinity in rock and roll, blitzing the boys’ club to pave the way for all of the bad girls. She uses her lyrical prowess to explore themes of modern-day feminine malaise, sexuality, and androgyny.

Nyssa’s live performance is a sleazy spectacle of pageantry and pomp. She struts with the bravado of a B-movie vixen against the backdrop of glitter-soaked power ballads, sparking desire as her dynamic vocals fan the flame.

Hailing from Montreal, the music of Nick Persons hinges on obscene juxtapositions that pair lush samples with white noise, obscure vinyl melodies with unpalatable digital-age pop textures, danceable beats with rhythmic destabilization. Now based in Hamilton, Ontario they continue use the materialist ethos of hip-hop to deconstruct the genre at its base logic and in so doing generates the least accessible iteration of the art form yet.

UK Cinema is a five-piece indie project from Hamilton, Ontario.
Blooming from an eclectic spectrum of artistic influences ranging from filmic popular culture and independent cinema to 80s New Wave and contemporary acts of alternative indie, UK Cinema seeks to fuse a love for timeless music with the impassioned attempt to contribute its own.