Fri Mar 31 2017
Beautiful Nothing (Album Release), The Vanishers

Tickets At Door
$10.00 +SC
9:00 PM
(Casbah Main Hall)

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THE MATADORS, Beautiful Nothing (Album Release), The Vanishers at Casbah
Tickets ($10) available at the door for this 19+ Blood-thirsty bash.

THE MATADORS are the world’s leaders in LUCIFARIAN GOSPEL music (hymns in praise of the Devil) our travelling revival show has already harvested millions of souls for Satan and soon we are coming to your town for Your’s. Come be a part of the unholy debauchery as we turn your club into a house of worship. Fire, titties, Satan, rock and roll, sweat,sex, frenzied sexual perverts grinding their throbbing junk(s) upon one another. What’s a better way to spend an evening?