Sat Oct 13 2018
Tickets on-sale starting August 21st at 9am

Tickets At Bruha
$20.00 +SC
9:00 PM
AA / Licensed
(Casbah Main Hall)

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What would the Autumn be without a colossal concert from The Sadies at The Casbah?
Closing in on our 20th presentation of Canada’s grandest live band, THE SADIES return Saturday October 13th. Tickets ($20+SC) are available on-line via on beginning Tues Aug 21 at 9am. Hardcopy tickets via DrDisc Hamilton & The Lounge at Casbah the week following.
Despite the eclecticism at the heart of The Sadies’ sound, Northern Passages’ main strength is a cohesiveness that gives it a more consistent feel overall. Dallas credits this in part to recording with no time restrictions or distractions, and, significantly, by returning to the same space where he and Travis first started playing in bands. “We had nothing to lose by trying to make the record down there, and we weren’t sure if anything good would come out of it,” he says. “But removing any unfamiliar elements allowed us to focus a lot better. My parents’ basement turned out to be my favourite studio yet.”
Given all of their associations and tireless touring regimen, it can seem at times as if The Sadies are everywhere, all the time. Yet, they are a band that fans cling to like a closely guarded secret, with each new release fulfilling the promise to reach further, for all of our sakes, not just their own. With Northern Passages, the time has come to make room for more on this wild acid-folk-country-punk trip, and trust me, we’ll be better off because of it.