The Casbah (located at the corners of King St West & Queen St North in the Central Neighbourhood of downtown Hamilton Ontario) opened it’s doors in January 2001.  The debut event was none other than Seminal Pixies frontman Frank Black and his band the Catholics.  The sold out concert was presented by the venue, and in association with a new local promoter who would one day become a more significant component to the Casbah as a live music club.

Fast forward ahead to April 2006, the Casbah is purchased by a newly-formed company called ‘Cincinnati Records’  This company owned and operated by Brodie Schwendiman (that new local promoter we mentioned earlier re: Frank Black) launches with an astounding amount of enthusiasm, booking Canadian (& plenty of local) independent music + International talent from the likes of Bob Mould to The Pixies to Wanda Jackson.

Today under new ownership, The Casbah has become one of the flagship club venues on the Canadian Touring circuit, and a local favourite for both the artists and the music fans.

Come visit us.  Take in a concert, grab drinks next door (The Lounge) & chill with out rotating music curators & DJs.  Casbah would love to have you.

The Lounge – 7 Nights a Week, 7pm to 1am.
The Hall – open based on events.  Visit our calendar for more information.