Our patio is officially open for reservations! We can’t wait to see you soon but before we open the gates and welcome you back – we wanted to reach out with a few updates.

To accommodate everyone wanting to visit and spend time on our patio, we’re going to be limiting dining time per group to 90 minutes.

We ask that you enter the patio off of Queen St. (at the north gate by the Lounge), so we can better control traffic flow between takeout orders being picked up. We’re doing what we can to keep everyone protected and maintain proper social distancing protocols.

If you need to use the rest room while dining with us on the patio, we ask that you wear a mask if you’re able to when stepping inside the restaurant to get to the bathrooms. This will ensure that you and all staff inside are as protected as possible while in the same indoor space.  Enter through our Lounge door.

We look forward to serving you in-person once again, but please ask for your patience with us as we work through the kinks of operating our first ever patio.


Only times selected within the above ranges will be valid for patio reservation
Seating is limited. Max party size is 6