booking The Casbah is available for live music, livestream production, private events, film production and other performing arts events.  Due to a high demand for our space, we get a large volume of emails.  Please be patient with us, as we are always working our hardest to get to all of them. Email: Phone: 905 741 7625 Note: We do not answer booking requests that land in our Facebook inbox. Email only please.

A statement from The Casbah Re: The Return to Live Events:

We are so very happy to bring live music back to our city. We have thought long & hard, and designed a safe system for presenting live music that we are eager to share with you.

A lot of time & care was put into our system by our staff, our operator, as well as consults from professionals from the community.
Live events will abide by public health mandated protocols, and then some.

Fixtures such as 3/4″ ACRYLIC SPACERS (“plexi”) will be applied on stage where vocalists & woodwinds & DJs perform.

A mapped out SEATING PLAN will be adhered to, where guests will be asked to mask when leaving their designated seat, and that reasons for leaving their seat is limited to departing the event; and if necessary, visiting our gender neutral restrooms.
Our seating plan adheres to a minimum of 2-metre distancing between tables. In many cases much further distancing has been applied.

We ask that a limit of TWO guests per RESTROOM be respected at all times.

We will sell ADVANCE TICKETS ON-LINE for ALL events. And we encourage guests to purchase on-line in advance of our events to reduce any transactions at the front door of The Casbah.

Ticketing will not be sold as individual seats. To best ensure all guests are attending with members of their “social bubble”, tickets will be sold to guests in both 2-seat “experiences” and 4-seat experiences. All ticket pricing is determined by the artist, where 100% of the net sales go to the artist performing.

Live music events will be curated with a SINGLE ARTIST/BAND performance. There will be no “opening acts” at The Casbah for the foreseeable future. This reduces the # of musicians utilizing our stage during an event, keeping both artists & staff in a safer space. This way there is no sharing of equipment, and cross contact between gear & surfaces is minimized.

Following each live music event, an extensive sanitation procedure will be implemented by Casbah staff. This process will take time, and for that reason, separate events in a given day will be spaced by 3-hour intervals. (Expect to see 2, sometimes 3 events on a Saturday or Sunday, utilizing both the afternoons & evenings).

Once seated, guests will find a two-sided message containing information on our “House Policies & Protocols” as well as our Food & Drink Menu. Once seated, guests will also be provided a tool that we are loosely calling an “Ask Paddle”. The Ask Paddle (which is basically a tool resembling a ping pong paddle) is used to notify servers when you wish to order food or drink. This limits the amount of movement servers make to walk in the path of the stage and performance. It also ensures that each visit to a guest’s table is a requested one. We foresee these Ask Paddles being both effective, but also fun to use 🙂

HAND SANITIZER STATIONS will be located at the front door & exit of the Casbah, in both gender neutral restrooms, and at 3 intermediate locations throughout the venue.

FOOD is provided during our live events by our friends & partners at LaLuna Restaurant. We will serve a limited version of their menu including their sandwiches, salads & side-plates.

The journey The Casbah staff has taken to get us to this point of presenting live music safely has been a long, but gratifying experience. We look forward to sharing music with you again.

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Tech Info

Download a PDF here regarding our technical specifications and more information about local bookings. Questions about our technical specifications (including show advances) can be directed to our General Manager at